EASY® Injection Bakelite Application Process Features Introduction

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The application process of EASY® injection bakelite can be controlled according to its performance characteristics, to improve the finished product rate, to reduce the workload of the injection machine, to reduce the wear on the screw barrel, to shorten the molding cycle, and to improve the appearance of the parts. Great help. Reasonable use of EASY® injection bakelite can extend the service life of general nitriding steel screws to 8-12 months, and improve the damage to the mold.

First, the concept: the material must be fully melted and plasticized in the barrel under the appropriate temperature conditions, so that it has a good molten state and fluidity, so that it has the best injection molding process. EASY? injection type bakelite powder has a good barrel thermal stability, can maintain more than 10 minutes in the barrel under 120°C conditions, exhibits the best melt flow state at 85-100°C, the barrel holding time can reach 20 minutes .

Second, the recommended barrel temperature setting conditions:

1. Two temperature-controlled barrels: 90-95°C before, 75-85°C after;

2. Three temperature control barrels: the first 90-100 °C, 80-90 °C, 70-80 °C;

3. The fluidity of the material required for the matching process can be adjusted by appropriately increasing or decreasing the temperature of the front barrel.

Third, the relationship between back pressure: Because EASY® injection bakelite powder is a basic pellet, in addition to the need for temperature to melt the outside must be adjusted to complete and improve the material pre-plasticizing, so that the injection process is good, Increase the amount of uniform and stable.

The adjustment of back pressure can generally control the proper discharge of the nozzle when feeding back, and adjust the feeding stability during the injection process, depending on the different machines about 3 - 5kg/cm2

Fourth, the pressure and injection (shot) speed: Because the material is fully melt fluidity is good, without a high injection pressure can fill the cavity, can greatly reduce and reduce the load on the machine, usually about 60kg Meet the requirements of injection molding. Shots and nozzles, runners, gates, and rapid mold friction produce excessive temperatures and increase wear on the screw barrel. Especially single-proportional-valve controlled injection machines, high-pressure high-speed damage to the screw molds and other more serious, so the shot speed should not be too fast. Too slow will affect efficiency and it is not desirable. Generally depending on the size of the part and the gate, it is controlled at 10-25 grams per second. It is better to fill the head with no hard foam and gas.

Fifth, the mold temperature and mold time: EASY? Injection bakelite has a faster molding speed, in 170 °C conditions to meet its molding requirements. Keeping time is 14 seconds per millimeter and decreases with increasing thickness and time. The average cycle time of each part is 60-80 seconds.

The above conditions need to be adjusted according to the conditions such as machine tools, molds, runner gates, and the shape and thickness of the parts. In addition, EASY® injection of bakelite powder can be used between batches and large batches of continuous stability.